Bring it on Jack

Just playing around in illustrator!!


Burning Chrome: 1 Year Later

As one of my final projects last year, I created a set of book covers based on William Gibsons book: Burning Chrome – A Collection of 10 Short stories. (See here LINK)

One year on, I decided to attempt the project again, since, as with everything I do, the moment I finish a project, I dislike it! The new design is minimal, and meant to look embossed and de-bossed and is designed for digital publication – the ebook edition!
Full View is best

Or visit to see each individual one up close and personal.

Made in Adobe Illustrator CS4 with pen tool and includes 1 texture

Autumn Arrives

Autumn colours are awesome!! A bit more pattern experimenting, this time I went for a more natural pattern using sycamore leaves of various sizes.
Done in illustrator, used pen tool for most of it and a gradient overlay on the background pattern of leaves.